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For the 45th anniversary of the Tenth Engraving Society, Yang-Che Liu exhibited new artworks

"Ten Green Printmaking Society" is well-known in the domestic art circle for its professional printmaking and education promotion. This year is the 45th anniversary of the "Ten Green Printmaking Society". Hsinchu City Cultural Bureau will exhibit "Bamboo" at Meiyuan Gallery from now until October 27. "City ‧ Edition Wind 2019 Ten Green Modern Printmaking Exhibition", with more than 50 works. The opening ceremony of printmaking will be held at 2:30 pm on October 19th. Mayor Lin Zhijian invited citizens and friends to watch it together.

Director of Culture Huang Huang said that the "Ten Green Printmaking Society" originated from "Father of Modern Printmaking in Taiwan" Liao Xiuping. In 1973, Liao Xiuping brought back printmaking techniques in Japan, France, and the United States to Taiwan and taught in National Taiwan. In 1974, under his encouragement, the first group of ten students taught at the Normal University established a painting club to continue his ideas and devote himself to printmaking and printmaking education.

Many members of the current painting association have a close relationship with Takeshi, including Peng Taiyi, who taught the Fine Arts Department of Cultural University, and Yang-Che Liu, who has studied at the Seventeenth Printmaking Institute in Paris, France, are artists born in Hsinchu. ; Wang Zhentai, Xu Mingfeng of the Mesozoic era, and Huang Chunyuan of the new generation have taught at Hsinchu colleges and universities to cultivate printmaking talents. This group of artists who love printmaking will provide wonderful visual feasts to the citizens of Hsinchu.

Liao Xiuping said that the members of the "Ten Green Printmaking Society" are almost all professional artists who display the latest printmaking creations every year. They continue to create, not only to add glory to the Taiwanese art world but also to cultivate people who love printmaking art.

The Culture Bureau stated that the exhibited works used convexity, concavity, flatness, holes, and diversity in the media techniques; there were a variety of topics in the theme, such as abstraction, realism, or social criticism, and they also exhibited research documents related to the ten youths, as well as various types of prints, techniques, materials and other objects provide the public with a rich understanding of Taiwan's modern print art research issues and diverse creative media. For details, please contact the 1999 Citizens Service Hotline or call 03-5332841 for inquiries.

*Reprinted 2019-10-17 15:51

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