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"Respect, Quietness, Cleanliness, Realm-Retrospective Exhibition of Yang-Che Liu's Creation" is now on display at the Gome Pavilion

Art creation is a long road, and it is necessary to have passion and perseverance to achieve results. The National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, affiliated to the Ministry of Culture, will exhibit "Respect, Quietness, Cleanliness, Realm-Retrospective Exhibition of Yang-Che Liu's Creation" from now until January 20, 102. The Taiwan style is recorded with a brush so that it is full of rich local flavor. Awaken nostalgia in people's memories.

Mr. Yang-Che Liu has been painting for more than 50 years, and artistic creation is the keynote of his life. He conveyed his praises and emotions to life, as well as his reflection and consideration of local culture through his brushes. The flowers and plants in nature and the common objects found in life are the sources of his creation. He likes to paint objects around his life to create unique surrealism; it is also good to describe Taiwan's ancient monuments, red tiles, Buddha statues, etc. The style of the work is simple and natural.

Yang-Che Liu was born in Lunzai, Hsinchu City in 1944. He attended Hsinchu Normal School in high school. He studied watercolor with the teacher Li Zefan. Enlightenment enriched his painting foundation and aesthetic qualities and enriched his creative vision and connotation. He used oil painting, sketching, and watercolor as the main creative axis. In 1973, Professor Liao Xiuping returned to China to teach modern printmaking techniques and concepts, which made him understand the art of printmaking. In 1986, he went to Paris's 17th Printmaking Research Center to receive Professor Haight. (Prof.SWHayter) 's guidance, more obsessed with printmaking, so he turned to printmaking for nearly 30 years. After 1995, he returned to oil painting, but the printmaking has not stopped, showing his strong intentions for artistic creation. Trained from the academy's background and printmaking techniques, he has a flexible grasp of diverse media. He skillfully merged Western painting creation ideas with printmaking techniques to construct a colorful and artistic style and tempered a unique artistic vocabulary. Achieve a great performance in his painting.

This exhibition exhibits 81 pieces of Yang-Che Liu's oil paintings and prints, with oil painting as the main axis of the exhibition, and print works, showing its creative context and style evolution. Regardless of flowers and birds or characters, still life or scenery, figurative or abstract, they are all poetic and musical, revealing his delicate observation and writing of things, showing his deep aesthetic connotation and humanistic accomplishment. Although the subject matter of his paintings is simple, he shows a strong religious and zen spirit, exuding a spirit of inspiration, and his intriguing taste is intriguing. It is hoped that through this exhibition, the artist's affectionate gaze and attention to the physical image, as well as the solemnity, tranquility, and cleanness that are cast through mind image betting, will make the viewer resonate and touch the soul.

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